Sex-Positive Café Brussels

Date/Time: 26 November 2023 @ 14:00 - 17:00
Location: The Sister Brussels Café
Event host(s): |
Level: Level 1

Coffee, Tea, We?

Welcome to the monthly event: Sex-Positive Café! The point of this event is to spend relaxed quality time with new members to learn more about them and to help them steer a course for their involvement (learn the ropes, if you will) in the amazing world of SexPositivity.

Some newbies are very new to everything sex-positive and are going to need a different roadmap than those coming in from other sexuality communities. By getting to meet them and chat with them in this casual setting, we’ll be able to determine where they’re at, and can make recommendations about the following:

  • events, classes, workshops to attend,
  • books to read,
  • other groups that may be useful,
  • available resources,
  • and ways to get involved

This, of course, may be useful to all members, even ones who’ve been around for a while. If you are a long time member, we’d love for you to be there to give advice, guidance, direction, etc. and to help us welcome the newbies. Feel free to bring your own books, toys, … you want to show people 🙂

Newcomers, please try to come to this before attending an orientation. And if you want you can bring your non-SPB friends along!

We can use the Second floor at the Sister’s Café for free, due to their stances and takes on Intersectional Feminism so please consider taking at least one consumption of their awesome Vegan / Waste-free menu/bar in gratitude 🙂

More information about it here:

It’s also an open event, which means it’s open for the public AND you can come and go whenever you like.

We’ll wait for you there with your best (sex-)positive attitude! 🙂




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