[Brussels – Level 1] The Human Library Party!

Date/Time: 13 January 2024 - 14 January 2024 @ 20:00 - 01:00
Event host(s): |
Level: Level 1

January is the perfect moment for a level 1 party, where we can gather in a relax way and invite our friends that are not part of SPB if we feel like it. 

But this isn’t your regular party, it’s a Human Library.

The idea is simple, instead of borrowing books to learn something or read a good story, we will borrow willing humans. Each person joining the party will be a Human Book, all you have to do is choose the subject you want to talk about and wear a tag explaining it.

[You want to join the party but don’t want to be a Human Book? No problem, this isn’t mandatory, everyone is welcome anyway… don’t force yourself if this makes you uncomfortable]

Of course it’s nice if your « book theme » is somehow related to sex positive subjects, but it’s not mandatory. 
Here are a few examples:

  • you’re poly and have children? Your title can be « Poly-families »
  • you’re a dominatrix, it can be « Learn some Domina-tricks » [bad puns are encouraged!]
  • you right erotic poetry? Great! You can offer to recite a poem
  • you don’t write but have some great book recommandations? Bring you books and offer read a chapter to someone. It can be about any subject.
  • you have a lot of knowledge about impact play? This is a level 1 so you can’t give a demonstration, but can still explain the theory of it…

At the entrance, we will provide a tag and pens so you can write and wear your book title. 

As mentioned earlier, being a « Sex positive book » isn’t mandatory. If you feel more comfortable teaching people how to knit, or talking about your passion for gardening, that’s just as great. The idea is that people curious about your subject can come to you and get to learn something. And people just wanting to socialize can look at each other’s titles and easily find things to talk about. 

a private house in Laeken. The address will be sent to all participants the day before the party.

5-10 mn walking distance from the subway station, there are a few stairs at the entrance but after that everything will stay on ground floor. If you need something specific to be able to join this party, please contact me so we can look for solutions together.


  • whatever you need to be a good « human book » (if you are going to teach people how to knit, bring your knitting supplies; if you want to read your poetry, don’t forget your poems; if your subject is impact play, some impact tools could be interesting to see…) 
  • We will have a shared potluck, so you can bring some snacks or soft drinks
  • your own cup and plate, which will make things easier for our lovely host
  • 4€ to participate in the place’s fees (which includes heating). [If you can’t afford the 4€, don’t worry, SPB will cover for you, no questions asked. Money issues should never prevent people from joining our events.]


There is no dress code, but of course feel free to be creative/festive if you like dressing up. Just remember that there is absolutely no pressure about that, and being comfortable is always best. 



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